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Market Day!

The Greenmarket at Union Square was exceptionally colorful this morning.  Leafy greens are still going strong.  Plus, all of the bright oranges and yellows of fall are now in full swing, especially with all the pumpkins for Halloween.  Add to that purple eggplants and lots of random flowers, and you basically have the full spectrum.

At the north end of the market there was an assortment of every type of gourd you’ve never seen.  I heard on the radio yesterday that the warty pustules on some varieties of pumpkins are caused by sugars that burst through the skin, so it’s a sign of sweetness.  Cheese pumpkins are among the best type for cooking (like a squash), and are easier to work with and tastier than “normal” pumpkins.  Of course there were rows and rows of those future jack-o-lanterns available for Halloween.


Warty Pumpkins

Cheese Pumpkins

Army of Carving Pumpkins


Bok Choi

French Crisp Lettuce


Red Cabbage

Sprouts on the Stalk

Hot Peppers

More Hot Peppers

Burdock Root

Six Types of Eggplants!

Mixed Carrots


Colorful Turnips

Apples 'n Pears

Orange Berries

Lone White Flower

Sun and Sunflowers

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