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Preparing for Baby with Soup

Good afternoon!

Now that I’m entering the home stretch of pregnancy, I’m hit with a double whammy. I’m too tired to cook many nights, but I also want to make sure we have a good store of freezer and pantry meals ready for the little one’s arrival in a month or so. This has resulted in a lot of boring, but nutritionally sound, meals that just aren’t that much fun to talk about. Mostly, . . . → Read More: Preparing for Baby with Soup

A Busy Day Working with and Against Microbes

Lindsay and I had a busy day. But we had a lot of help in the form of pressurized steam, yeast, and lactobacillus bacteria.

We’re leaving for Florida early this week and received a shocking amount of food from our CSA, considering it’s still the winter season and it was the second-to-last pickup. Four pounds of onions, four pounds of beets and radishes, five pounds of apples… you get the picture. We’ve certainly gotten our . . . → Read More: A Busy Day Working with and Against Microbes

What to do with a half-drunk bottle of Champagne?

Happy New Year!

For us, New Year’s Eve is an excuse to host a dinner party, so we invited our closest friends over and had a low key evening. We started with homemade French bread (recipe to come) with local butter and quick-pickled radishes. Then we had braised pork belly with turnips and an arugula-parsley salad. For dessert, Erik fried Twinkies. Yeah, we had fried Twinkies after such a homemade old-school meal. They were . . . → Read More: What to do with a half-drunk bottle of Champagne?

Holy Cow! We Made Vinegar!

Apple cider vinegar! From cores we kept in the freezer that normal people throw away!!

I did NOT expect this to work out. It had been sitting in a crock on the kitchen floor for months, but last night Erik gave me the serious face and said “we’re decanting this now, young lady”. OK, he didn’t really say the “young lady” bit, but he should have. I had been studiously avoiding his less pointed . . . → Read More: Holy Cow! We Made Vinegar!

Carrot Almond Macaroon Recipe

I’m almost completely unable to throw out food. I hold on to bits and pieces like we’re in the Dust Bowl and it’s 1933. My great-grandmas would be proud of me. Erik thinks there isn’t a use for the last tiny bit of jam or apple peelings, but there is! Flavoring yogurt and pectin stock for jam and jelly! So there!!

Until I found this recipe, I was throwing out the pulp from making . . . → Read More: Carrot Almond Macaroon Recipe