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Gilfeather Turnip Casserole

Here’s one more root vegetable recipe before we switch over to asparagus and salad greens. I clipped this out of a New York Magazine while we still lived in NYC, because we occasionally shopped at Windfall Farms. I also don’t really have any good rutabaga recipes, other than our standard roast-everything-in-a-pan method. “Hold on there, Lindsay”, you might say, “The title of this post says ‘turnip’ not ‘rutabaga’.” Yes, observant reader, it is actually . . . → Read More: Gilfeather Turnip Casserole

Dark Days Challenge Week 6: Embracing Curly Kale

In our sixth week of the Dark Days Challenge, we learned to appreciate curly kale. We love love love lacinato/Tuscan/dinosaur/black and Red Russian varieties, but for some reason we (*cough* Erik *cough*) discriminate against the standard curly variety. Like most biases, we just had to meet an individual curly kale recipe in “person” to let go of our stereotypes. Oh, also, the chorizo helps.

We loved it so much, we didn’t take a single photo. . . . → Read More: Dark Days Challenge Week 6: Embracing Curly Kale

Feasting at Flying Pigs Farm

Now that we’ve introduced you to the Farm, please say hello so some absolutely delicious pork. Everything we’ve had from Flying Pigs Farm has been juicy, flavorful, and addictive, but we had really only eaten their sausage and bacon before. We used our trip to try a few new things – namely pork belly, blade roast, leaf lard, and tenderloin. The Surgeon General would not have approved of the amount of meat we ate that . . . → Read More: Feasting at Flying Pigs Farm

How to Make Ale-braised Red Cabbage with Kielbasa

This is a great variable vegetarian recipe. If you were to skip the Kielbasa altogether, it would still be tasty (but why bother?). Or, you could load up on the meat.

We used the Kielbasa that we had in the freezer left over from making Casoulet. I’d say it was probably a little over one foot long. In the end it yielded about three half-inch pieces of Kielbasa per serving of cabbage, which was . . . → Read More: How to Make Ale-braised Red Cabbage with Kielbasa

How to Make Pizza

Pizza is a definite DIY situation. It’s cheaper, less likely to be delivered cold, and only covered in surplus commodity cheese if you like that kind of thing. The most time-consuming part is making the dough, which has to rise for an hour or so (although you could cut this to 30 minutes if you were in a big hurry). Because of this, we usually save pizza for weekends and plan to work out, . . . → Read More: How to Make Pizza