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The Doldrums

If local food folks call winter the “Dark Days”, I’m going to call spring the “Doldrums”. Stagnation, indeed! Watch out, strawberries and lettuce! I’m going to snap you up in a couple of weeks. For now, I’m thankful to have several places to by fresh, quality food, and for the skills and time to cook, so I won’t complain too much.

This meal was not really local at all, but instead of hiding our non-local . . . → Read More: The Doldrums

Dark Days Challenge: Breakfast

The final week of the Dark Days Challenge is focused on breakfast. We’ve done a bunch of breakfast posts, so we were a bit stumped. I wanted to do another baked good, but didn’t want to split two dozen muffins or a whole coffee cake with Erik over the next two days. Yogurt and granola parfait with strawberries? I just couldn’t decide. So then I forgot all about it… ….until this morning. I was . . . → Read More: Dark Days Challenge: Breakfast

Cooking for One: Inappropriately Large Salad

Here’s another attempt at avoiding delivery while Erik is out of town – a salad that is nearly the same size as my laptop. I’m a hungry girl, so normal salads don’t really do it for me. I need a thoughtfully composed bowl of tasty things or I don’t feel satisfied. Instead of giving a recipe, I’ll give you my little guiding principles for making a GIGANTIC, super-filling salad.

Guideline 1: Commit. Get a . . . → Read More: Cooking for One: Inappropriately Large Salad

Pre-Thanksgiving Light Lunch: Peach and Roasted Beet Salad

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is my favorite holiday all year – not surprising that I look forward to a holiday focused on food, huh? I LOVE the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but before you dive head first into a plate of brown-ish, carb-y, gravy-soaked dinner, consider a colorful “pre-game” salad. This one comes together in a jiffy after the beets are roasted (which you could do a day or so ahead of time) and is jam-packed . . . → Read More: Pre-Thanksgiving Light Lunch: Peach and Roasted Beet Salad

How to Make Tuscan White Bean “Hummus” Sandwiches

This was part of the fantastic picnic that we brought to Governor’s Island. This is a great recipe straight out of The Candle Cafe Cookbook,which is from a great vegan restaurant in NYC. They call it white bean “pate”, but to me “hummus” is a better term. That’s essentially what it is only with another type of beans substituted for the chick peas / garbonzo beans.

Tuscan White Bean “Hummus” Sandwiches with Tomato . . . → Read More: How to Make Tuscan White Bean “Hummus” Sandwiches