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Dark Days Challenge: Breakfast

The final week of the Dark Days Challenge is focused on breakfast. We’ve done a bunch of breakfast posts, so we were a bit stumped. I wanted to do another baked good, but didn’t want to split two dozen muffins or a whole coffee cake with Erik over the next two days. Yogurt and granola parfait with strawberries? I just couldn’t decide. So then I forgot all about it… ….until this morning. I was . . . → Read More: Dark Days Challenge: Breakfast

Why Buy? DIY! How to Make “Hot Pockets”

Many of our friends have had babies in the last couple of years. We’re really lucky to have this amazing group of kids to play with and moms and dads to admire. They’ve given me quite a bit of food-related knowledge. For example, if it falls on the floor, it is either totally contaminated (first kid) or fine after you shake off the dog hair (second kid).

I’ve also learned that one of . . . → Read More: Why Buy? DIY! How to Make “Hot Pockets”

Cooking for One: Inappropriately Large Salad

Here’s another attempt at avoiding delivery while Erik is out of town – a salad that is nearly the same size as my laptop. I’m a hungry girl, so normal salads don’t really do it for me. I need a thoughtfully composed bowl of tasty things or I don’t feel satisfied. Instead of giving a recipe, I’ll give you my little guiding principles for making a GIGANTIC, super-filling salad.

Guideline 1: Commit. Get a . . . → Read More: Cooking for One: Inappropriately Large Salad

Versatile Grain and Veggie Salad Recipe

It’s Greenmarket Grains Week! We are so fortunate to live in an area where we can get a wide variety of local grains and flours. We rarely buy this stuff at the store anymore, but if we do, we stick to the bulk section and King Arthur Flour (relatively local and employee-owned).

This salad will make you love grains and dark, leafy greens. I wish I were eating it right now for breakfast.

. . . → Read More: Versatile Grain and Veggie Salad Recipe

Produce Profile: Swiss Chard

We LOVE dark leafy greens. Especially covered in olive oil and garlic. Mmmm…. I understand why many people don’t, though. They’re often overcooked and under-seasoned, which makes them bitter and mushy. If you’re scared of dark leafies, Swiss chard is a good place to start , because it’s readily available and tastes a little like spinach. In fact, you could use Swiss chard leaves as a substitute for spinach in just about any recipe. We . . . → Read More: Produce Profile: Swiss Chard