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Lindsay’s Fall Update

Hi strangers!

This fall has been pretty crazy for me. I spent another three weeks in Armenia, which was great, but I came home to find that my grandmother was suddenly very sick. I made it to MN in time to have a last great day with her before she passed. We were all able to be together and laugh at her jokes as she tried to entertain us right until the end, dancing in . . . → Read More: Lindsay’s Fall Update

Eating Local in Minnesota: Good Earth

One of the first restaurants I went to as a baby was Good Earth in Roseville, MN. I have since graduated from the Gorilla Cheese sandwich, but am no less infatuated. It’s mostly simple food – sandwiches, burgers, salads, some Mexican – but impeccably sourced and always delicious. I have a really hard time deciding what to order, so we usually go twice when we visit my parents.

For my first meal this time, . . . → Read More: Eating Local in Minnesota: Good Earth

And now for something completely different… Minnesota State Fair Food!

If I’m in a pretentious mood and someone asks me to describe how we eat, I’ll sometimes say we like our food to have “a sense of place” and “a sense of time”, which is just an obnoxious was of saying that we like to get our foods in-season and from local sources. It matters that it’s September in Massachusetts and not May in Virginia. The state fair is one case where the “sense . . . → Read More: And now for something completely different… Minnesota State Fair Food!

Field Trip! Strawberry Picking at Red Fire Farm

[Note: This should have been posted yesterday, but I ran into some technical issues.]

After days and days of rain (including a crazy thunderstorm yesterday and resulting power-outage), today was just fantastic. To take advantage of the beautiful weather, a friend and I headed up (over?) to Red Fire Farm to pick some strawberries. Our CSA includes some pick-your-own opportunities, so we went bonkers and got 8 quarts each. That’s enough for two batches . . . → Read More: Field Trip! Strawberry Picking at Red Fire Farm

Enjoying an Armenian Brunch

Hi folks! Yep, we’re still here. I won’t bore you with the details, but work work work…you know how it goes.

I’m back in Armenia! I’ve been here for two weeks and am about to head home again. It has been really fun to see my colleagues and friends again. I never (EVER) thought I would have a chance to come back, but here I am. They are a very warm and hospitable bunch, so . . . → Read More: Enjoying an Armenian Brunch