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How to Get Started with Local Eating

Local Harvest is a great resource for finding local food in your area.

If you live in the Northwest, FoodHub looks like an awesome resource.

More to come.

4 comments to How to Get Started with Local Eating

  • Sally Bradford

    Gaining Ground is a wonderful organic farm in Concord. Will and Robby have both volunteered there.

  • Lindsay

    Thanks for the suggestion, Sally! We’ll have to check it out.

  • I’m new to canning but have thworn myself in head first. I have 19 jars of jam in my cellar right now. Blueberry, mixed berry, sour cherry and apricot. My plan is to give them as holiday gifts. I want to try pickling as well. My 6 year old daughter is really enjoying helping me. We go to our local farmers’ market and decide which fruits to preserve every week. I also like the Ball Blue Book for recipes and clear instructions with illustrations. Even my daughter enjoys looking at it.

  • Lindsay

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying canning with your daughter. We’re trying to do fewer jams and more veggie-based preserves, because one can only eat so much jam!

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