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Surviving on Baguettes and Haggis

Hello, world. We just got back from a long vacation visiting friends in Paris and driving around Scotland. We’re still getting everything in order, but we’ll be back to posting soon. In the meantime, we have one message for you.

Haggis is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just sausage. Delicious sausage. If you looked up “sausage” in the dictionary, you’d be grossed out too. But you don’t. You just accept that sausage is something . . . → Read More: Surviving on Baguettes and Haggis

Eating Local in Boston: Journeyman

We’re in Boston this weekend for a wedding, but are lucky enough to have friends here who are into the local foods scene. They introduced us to this amazing, almost hidden, restaurant in Cambridge, called Journeyman.

Journeyman allows you to choose 3, 5, or 7 courses. We went with the 5-course – everything was delicious, perfectly sized and timed, and very creative. I had expected a lot of pork – bacon-wrapped this or lard-infused that . . . → Read More: Eating Local in Boston: Journeyman

Local Fun in NYC: Governor’s Island

Twice this summer Lindsay and I have visited Governor’s Island. We took our bikes and packed a wonderful picnic. If you are in the NY area, you should try to visit Governor’s Island before the summer is over. Here is some background and our pictures to get you interested!

What is Governor’s Island?

Governor’s Island is a small island smack in the middle of New York Harbor (Upper New York Bay). It was a US . . . → Read More: Local Fun in NYC: Governor’s Island

Eating Local in the Twin Cities

We’re visiting my parents in Minnesota this weekend and trying to keep up our local eating habits. I haven’t lived here since high school and the restaurant scene has come alive since then. Well, also, I have more money and taste now. No more Perkins for this girl! Alright, we did make a late night Perkins run with some friends, but how can you say no to a $3 milkshake at 11 pm?? You can’t.

. . . → Read More: Eating Local in the Twin Cities

Flying Pigs Farm: The Animals

This is the final post about our visit to Flying Pigs Farm. See:

Our Visit to Flying Pigs Farm Our Feasts at Flying Pigs Farm Reasons to Support Flying Pigs Farm (including their use of biodiesel)

We’ll also be posting the full recipe for the braised pork belly shortly. Yum!

The Pigs

The pigs at Flying Pigs Farm are very happy pigs. They have green grass to shred up, mud to dig in, a . . . → Read More: Flying Pigs Farm: The Animals