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Holy Cow! We Made Vinegar!

Apple cider vinegar! From cores we kept in the freezer that normal people throw away!!

I did NOT expect this to work out. It had been sitting in a crock on the kitchen floor for months, but last night Erik gave me the serious face and said “we’re decanting this now, young lady”. OK, he didn’t really say the “young lady” bit, but he should have. I had been studiously avoiding his less pointed hints for weeks, because I didn’t want to face a container of moldy apple juice. Yeah, this is standard 401(k) behavior…thinking about it too much makes me anxious, so I just pretend it doesn’t exist. Really adult of me, right? Luckily, Erik was the mature one and made me taste it. Success!!

We got almost 3 quarts of apple cider vinegar from apple cores and peels and very little work! I won’t repost Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking’s directions for homemade apple scrap vinegar here, but I will say that we ignored the apple scraps for at least two weeks (rather than the recommended one) before straining and then let the liquid ferment for a couple of months (instead of two to three weeks) before bottling. Just to give you an idea of our recklessness, we started the whole process on New Year’s Eve. It’s April 20th, people! That’s some forgiving fermentation.

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