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Market Day!

Today was an early day at the Union Square Greenmarket. Lindsay had an event for work, so I was shopping alone today. On my first pass through for browsing I got a few pictures, but once I started buying my hands were too full to take any more!

Red carrots

Rainbow beets

Fresh horseradish

Mixed color fingerling roasting potatoes

For Andy from The Office: Broccoli Raab

Green beans, still going!

Snake squash (or at least that's what I named it, which I think makes perfect sense)

The sign reads: "O'Sage Orange: Do not eat: repels cockroaches, $2 each" (???)

Keith's Farm Rocambole garlic - get some!

Sign for Elk Trails Bison: healthy, delicious, but not exactly cheap!

Union Square Greenmarket Events: 11/17: Panel on local grains - see

Union Square Greenmarket Events: 11/21: Local grain pancake breakfast: see

Giant rutabaga - as big as a man's head!

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