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April Fool!

The Brooklyn Kitchen and The Meat Hook

The Brooklyn Kitchen is one of two favorite stores for all things kitchen-related. They also offer in-depth culinary classes, some in conjunction with their in-house butcher shop, The Meat Hook. If you are a cook in NYC you probably know them already.

However, you might not be on their mailing list. Today they sent out their monthly class schedule, full of joke classes for April.

The listings ranged from survivalist:

  • Knife Skills 202: Knife Throwing
  • DIY MRE’s: Using Modernist Techniques for End of Days

To Anarchist:

  • Methamphetamines: Home Production
  • Molotov Cocktails

To tongue-in-cheek:

  • Midwestern Molded Salads
  • How to Serve Man

To just plain gross [editor's note: we did once eat pigeon at a restaurant in Paris]:

  • Pigeon a La Plancha
  • Rat Trapping, Slaughter and Butchering

However, my hands-down favorites are the ones that take DIY-ism up a notch, because I’m sure there would be an actual market for these classes:

  • Glass Blowing: Making your own Canning Jars
  • Home Alloys: from Bronze to Steel

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