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Market Day!

We went to the greenmarket today with our friends Brian and Mary (and their baby daughter, Ellie). We only have a few pictures, but here they are.

Cayuga Pure Organics began putting their wares in bulk buckets a few weeks (months?) ago, and the system seems to be working well to scoop your own. Here is also a pile of lovely peaches.
Dried beans at Cayuga OrganicPeaches

The market today was overwhelmed by TONS of tomatoes. We saw San Marzanos (although I didn’t get a picture), and a HUGE variety of beefsteak, heirloom, and cherry tomatoes.
Heirloom tomatotesMore tomatoesVarieties of cherry tomatoesCherry tomato sample pack

There were also plenty of good-looking eggplants, include the Glen Quagmire of eggplants… giggity!
Globe eggplantsThe Quagmire eggplant - giggity!

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