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Grass-Fed Meat and the Museum of Science

If you live in the Boston area and don’t already have plans for tomorrow, take a look at this dinner organized by Boston’s Museum of Science! One of the chefs is from Russell House Tavern, a restaurant we really like. In addition to a menu of sustainably-raised food, there will be speakers discussing the effects of animals’ lifestyles on the flavor and quality of their meat. Might be TMI for some people, but I think the combo sounds seriously interesting. We’ll be there! Let us know if you will be there, too.

The Museum of Science is doing a lot of really cool food things right now. This dinner is part of a larger series of events focusing on how food shapes our culture, environment, and health. The Museum also has a great photo exhibit through March 18th called What I Eat: Around the World in 25 Diets. I’d definitely suggest checking it out, if you can drag yourself inside away from this glorious weather.

P.S. I couldn’t buy tickets online for some reason, but it went lickety split over the phone – (617) 723-2500.

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