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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Be sure to take a moment today to ponder on the bounty in front of you. Ask yourself whether it was produced via natural or industrial means. Think about how far each item may have traveled before making it to you plate. Consider the soil that it came from and whether or not that soil is healthy.

You may not know the answers to any of these questions. Hopefully we can help you learn and think about these things so that by next year you will know.

Then: screw it, chow down, and enjoy. It’s Thanksgiving! If there’s one day in the year to not feel bad about what you eat, this is it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Erik & Lindsay

1 comment to Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Lonnie Bell

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well. We’re watching football and waiting for the rest of the family to arrive before we start eating our wonderful meal. Love to you both, Aunt Lonnie