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Union Square Holiday Market – One More Week!

Just before Thanksgiving, our greenmarket in Union Square was joined by the annual Holiday Market. Years ago, when I first started visiting the Holiday Market, it was just so much junk from China. Over the past few years, though, it has come more and more to share the philosophy of its greenmarket neighbor.

Now, most of the offerings are high quality and many of the vendors are local artisans. So, although it has nothing to do with food, we figured we would feature some photos that we took of our favorite vendors.

Here are the hours in case you are interested…

Local home brew kits and hand-blown glass ornaments are available.

Delong Ceramics sells NYC-themed ceramic art.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild is a Brooklyn-based vendor that sells really quirky historical puppets and other items.

On a similar note, Silly Puppets offers a huge array of puppets… not as historical, but bigger.

Nunu Chocolates is a Brooklyn-based small-batch chocolate shop.

The Etsy booth features NYC-based Etsy vendors. They have a very large booth; here are some of our favorite items. Notice the NYC-themed ornaments: Red Hook, Sunnyside, Water Towers…

Spices and Tease looks like a store straight out of Morocco or something – piles and piles of fresh spices and teas.

Beekman’s C.O.P.A. Soaps sells… well that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Nirvanna Designs sells hand-knitted hats and mittens.

Finally, here is some credit to Duffy’s Fine Art Gallery for having a great sign.

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