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NYC Snowmageddon

After a break for the holidays, we thought that we would be back on our regular posting schedule this week, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

On top of the Saturday Union Square greenmarket being closed for two weeks in a row due to calendar luck (Christmas and New Year’s), there was a third closure on Monday due to snow.

Finally, Lindsay’s flight back today was cancelled and she won’t make it home until later in the week. I am on my own. I still need to eat, though, so I am going to keep up the cooking. However, it is more difficult to do that while taking pictures. I will do my best, but we will probably be a few posts light this week.

On the plus side, it appears that they have aggressively cleared the greenmarket space in Union Square, so it should be open tomorrow:

The Union Square greenmarket space has been thoroughly cleared of snow.

I have not seen anything to the contrary on their twitter page.

Here are two other pictures from the neighborhood to illustrate just how much snow there was here:

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