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Market Day: Spring has Sprung (Delayed)

Last Saturday was the first day at the market that I would consider a true spring haul. While it’s been possible to buy some greens for about 6 weeks now, it was only from one or two vendors who grow their early greens under glass, and they charge a considerable premium when they are the only ones selling it. This week, though, there was much more. In addition, a few farmers who have been gone since the fall have returned, and more will reappear for each of the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, it was misting and looked like it might downpour, so I didn’t have my camera with me at the market. When I unpacked, though, I realized that I should take some pictures given all of the greens that I bought. Sorry for the delayed post!

Salad greens: spinach and arugula.

Swiss chard and some spicy little herb whose name I can't rememberTatsoi
Leafy greens: Swiss chard and Tatsoi.

Spring garlicRamps
Spicy greens: spring garlic and ramps

In order to clear out the root vegetables that were still in our apartment, and as a combination “Goodbye dark days!” / “Hello greens!” meal, I made this roasted root vegetable-arugula salad, with thyme salt. The roasted root vegetables consisted of a sweet potato, a carrot, a parsnip, three burdock roots, a handful fingerling potatoes, and a few shallots. To make the thyme salt I stripped the tiny thyme leaves off of the thyme sticks, chopped the leaves finely, and ground them with an equal amount of kosher salt in a mortar and pestle. I tossed the roasted vegetables, thyme salt, and arugula with a tiny bit bit of oil. Yum!

Roasted veggie and arugula saladThyme salt

Roasted veggie and arugula salad (tossed)

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