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Market Day

Flowering branches

The weather was nice yesterday, so I was able to bring my camera to the market. It is definitely spring now!

Ramps have been in for a few weeks but are still going strong. I read the article in the NY Times about how ramps are being over-harvested. I asked our sources at the market about it. They said that some ramps are cultivated by farmers, and those are sustainable. Others are harvested in the wild by foragers, and ramps have become such a hot commodity in April each year that more and more people are doing just that. Some of those sources are being depleted. The bottom line is: if you’re going to buy ramps, ask where they came from and try to support the farmers.

This was the first big week for asparagus, and it was everywhere!

Ramps and asparagus:

Broccoli Raab has been around for a week or two but Migliorelli farm is still selling piles and piles of it. Supposedly the raab will be gone soon; it only has a short window.

Broccoli Raab:
Piles of RaabBroccoli Raab

And here are some other pictures that I took while I was waiting my turn for some Cato Corner Farm cheese. Roaming Acres has the stand next door to Cato. They sell only ostrich products (eggs, meat, jerky). My friend Brian bough some ostrich steaks there the other week and said they were delicious.

Ostrich eggs and ostrich jerky:
Ostrich eggsOstrich jerky

And here is the Cato Corner cheese. A small chunk of the aged Bloomsday wrapped in a raw ramp leaf is delicious!


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