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Me vs. Broccoli Raab (Ginger-Honey Broccoli Raab)

While Skyping with Lindsay at some point this week, I mentioned that I purchased some broccoli raab. Her reaction was “but you hate broccoli raab!”, and she was right! I can’t remember a single encounter with it, in a restaurant or otherwise, that I have really enjoyed.

But, Lindsay’s not around and we have a blog on local food and the raab is the thing right now (the raab, the ramps, and asparagus). . . . → Read More: Me vs. Broccoli Raab (Ginger-Honey Broccoli Raab)

Market Day

The weather was nice yesterday, so I was able to bring my camera to the market. It is definitely spring now!

Ramps have been in for a few weeks but are still going strong. I read the article in the NY Times about how ramps are being over-harvested. I asked our sources at the market about it. They said that some ramps are cultivated by farmers, and those are sustainable. Others are harvested in . . . → Read More: Market Day