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Eating Local in Minneapolis: Haute Dish

Haute Dish's "Veggie Patch"

We are waaaaay behind on posts this summer, but we’ve been digging out from our wedding and honeymoon! More to come, we promise :)

Right now we are in Minnesota for some family time, and on Saturday night we went to one of our favorite places in Minneapolis (which is, of couse, local / seasonal): Haute Dish (get it?).

Lindsay had the fried chicken and watermelon, which turned out to be a creatively deconstructed take on things. The chicken was flattened and rolled like a roulade, one half with leafy greens in the middle and the other half with mac & cheese. After they rolled up the halves they wrapped the skin back around it and fried it. It looked like egg rolls. Very creative, and delicious.

I had the Tatertot Haute Dish, which is a braised short rib with the most amazing tater tots. They are perfectly creamy in the middle and crispy on the outside. Check out their menu, and the food pics on their website. If you’re ever in Minneapolis, give it a try!

The highlight was the “Veggie Patch” appetizer (pictured above). It featured all the late summer veggies prepared very carefully and served on a giant plank. That purple streak is a eggplant reduction of some sort (it was awesome!). We each started on one end and ate our way to the middle. Yum!

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