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Dark Days Challenge Week 5: Fish and Pickled Asparagus

There are two ingredients that I’ve been meaning to use more of.

Thing #1 = jars of food in the basement. Before the 2011 canning season started, I promised myself (and Erik) that I would do a better job of preserving useful things than I did last year. Those fancy jams just call to me, but two responsible adults can only eat or give away so much. So, I did that. But now we . . . → Read More: Dark Days Challenge Week 5: Fish and Pickled Asparagus

How to Make Clementine Marmalade

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a wonderful 2011. Ours was very exciting – we traveled to some interesting places (here and here), got engaged, and moved to Somerville, MA. Whew! 2012 promises to be a fun one as well. We wish you all happiness, health, and delicious food!!

After last night’s festivities, you might want to top your burnt toast with this marmalade full of vitamin C and fructose and just . . . → Read More: How to Make Clementine Marmalade

How to Can Whole Tomatoes

44 quarts of whole tomatoes and 18 quarts of Bloody Mary mix later, I’m trying to remember how we got ourselves into this.

I think the conversation went something like this…

Lindsay: How many pounds of tomatoes should we do this year?

Erik: Hmmm…how many did we do last year?

Lindsay: About 30.

Erik: Well, we need to at least twice that many!

Please note that Erik was living it up in the Hamptons . . . → Read More: How to Can Whole Tomatoes

Can-It-Forward Recap

Last Saturday was National Can-It-Forward Day, a day to spread the fun and value of home canning. Erik and I had our own little party and taught two of our friends the art and science. There was gabbing, a few glasses of wine, and plenty of boiling water. This was the first time I had every canned with people and it was a blast!! A lot of canning is sitting around waiting for the . . . → Read More: Can-It-Forward Recap

How to Can Sour Cherry Preserves (Pie Filling)

Quick! Run to the market immediately and buy sour cherries before they’re gone!! Tell your boss it’s a family emergency. These cherries aren’t the kind of fruit that tempt you to nibble them straight out of the basket, but if you add a little sugar and some time, magic happens. They turn into the most beautiful ruby marbles that are perfect wrapped in a pie crust or piled next to a slice of pound . . . → Read More: How to Can Sour Cherry Preserves (Pie Filling)