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Market Day: Houston!

We’ve been a bit AWOL for the last week. That is because we were in Texas. Because we were away, we missed our usual Saturday morning visit to the Union Square Greenmarket, but we did get to go to the local farmers’ market in Houston with our friends Sarah and Paul. Accordingly, this week’s (belated) Market Day post is a Houston edition!

In local eating, the grass is always “greener” (haha). Back home in New . . . → Read More: Market Day: Houston!

Market Day!

The greenmarket is really starting to slow down now that Thanksgiving has passed. There are fewer vendors each week, and their stalls are getting smaller. The south end of Union Square will be crowded out by the Holiday Market through the end of the year. (Look for a post tomorrow about the Holiday Market.)

The greenmarket features fewer freshly harvested vegetables, and we already have ample photos of those are that are still being sold, . . . → Read More: Market Day!

Market Day!

Like the Song

Frilly Kale

Butternut Squash

Rocambole Garlic: Bagged and Tagged

She's Choppin' Broccoli

Macoun and Mitsu Apples


Red Radishes

Wool Yarn



Local Grade A and B Amber Maple Syrup, Now in 64oz Jugs!

. . . → Read More: Market Day!

Market Day!

Today was an early day at the Union Square Greenmarket. Lindsay had an event for work, so I was shopping alone today. On my first pass through for browsing I got a few pictures, but once I started buying my hands were too full to take any more!

Red carrots

Rainbow beets

Fresh horseradish

Mixed color fingerling roasting potatoes

For Andy from The Office: Broccoli Raab

Green beans, still . . . → Read More: Market Day!

Market Day!

Not as many photos today from the Union Square Greenmarket.  We were a little later today than usual and it was crowded.  We were also laden very quickly with heavy items, which makes it difficult to handle the camera.

We entered the market already carrying a big bottle of dish soap from Whole Foods. From there, we got two bottles of milk and a pint of half-and-half, 2 pounds of turnips and parsnips, 3 pounds . . . → Read More: Market Day!