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Market Day!

The Greenmarket at Union Square was exceptionally colorful this morning. Leafy greens are still going strong. Plus, all of the bright oranges and yellows of fall are now in full swing, especially with all the pumpkins for Halloween. Add to that purple eggplants and lots of random flowers, and you basically have the full spectrum.

At the north end of the market there was an assortment of every type of gourd you’ve never seen. I . . . → Read More: Market Day!

Market Day!

There are still a few traces of summer, like tomatoes and bell peppers, but the fall fruits and veggies are taking over at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Chilli peppers and mums

Apples and purple (!) broccoli

Colorful cauliflower and the last of the tomatoes

. . . → Read More: Market Day!