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Market Day!

Here are our market pictures from the past two weeks. There are a lot of fresh new things in season.

First, the berries:

Spring onions and spring garlic. Over the past few weeks we have seen garlic and onions sold in various stages of growth. A few weeks ago they looked like scallions with a slightly bigger bulb on the end. Now they look like onions and garlic, but with fresh scallion-like greens sticking . . . → Read More: Market Day!

Market Day!

Strawberries are here! A number of vendors in Union Square were exploding with them. We picked up a few pints from Hodgson Farm. Lindsay is making and canning a strawberry-lemon concentrate.

Spring onions are everywhere, and very pretty.

Asparagus is still going strong, and tomatoes have begun to appear in recent weeks from places without greenhouses.

Lani’s Farm was selling many interesting greens. We bought some yu choy sum, and will . . . → Read More: Market Day!

Greens are back! Mixed Green Salad with Sunflower Thyme Pesto

Greens, I have missed you! After a winter of cabbage and root vegetables, I was DYING for a big green salad. Armenia has great tomatoes and cucumbers already, but they don’t really have a green salad tradition. I knew the first thing I would make once home would be a ridiculously huge salad.

We weren’t able to go to the market on Saturday because of a wedding (congratulations!!), so we went to the much . . . → Read More: Greens are back! Mixed Green Salad with Sunflower Thyme Pesto

Market Day: Spring has Sprung (Delayed)

Last Saturday was the first day at the market that I would consider a true spring haul. While it’s been possible to buy some greens for about 6 weeks now, it was only from one or two vendors who grow their early greens under glass, and they charge a considerable premium when they are the only ones selling it. This week, though, there was much more. In addition, a few farmers who have been gone . . . → Read More: Market Day: Spring has Sprung (Delayed)

Support Cayuga Pure Organics!

[UPDATE] We received a response from the GrowNYC; Cayuga stays!

Hello Erik.

Thank you for your email. I am happy to inform you that Cayuga Pure Organic will remain at Union Square on Saturday. This Saturday, look for them in the same location as last Saturday. You will be able to find them on the northeast side of Union Square Park beginning Saturday, April 16th. They will also be at Union Square on Wednesday and . . . → Read More: Support Cayuga Pure Organics!